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The ultimate guide for storage conditions in 6 different industries

You can find many third-party logistics partners who can provide warehousing services for your products; however, it is hard to find a 3PL that can provide the ideal storage conditions to seamlessly always preserve the quality of your products. 

Whether you are selling furniture, home appliances, food, apparel, electronics, or sports equipment, Starlinks’ climate-controlled warehouses have the right technologies to provide the best storage conditions based on the type of goods you are storing. 

1. Furniture

Not every 3PL Partner knows the proper conditions to store furniture. Things like spacing, temperature, and humidity-control are critical factors that must be considered for your furniture’s storage.

Starlinks offers a range of physical storage spaces that fit different types of furniture. Our team considers the spacing between shelves to ensure your furniture won’t get scratched during the picking and packing processes.

Also, we understand the effect of temperature on your furniture. Cold temperatures could warp wooden furniture, while high temperatures and high humidity lead to moisture that causes mold.

That is why we ensure that our warehouses are completely weatherproof. We control the temperature and humidity levels using dehumidifiers and HVAC systems to maintain your furniture quality.

2. Home Appliances

When it comes to home appliances, we know that hot climates could result in a shorter lifespan. To avoid this, our warehouses are designed to always maintain the right storage temperature for your home appliances.  

With our climate-controlled warehouses that provide the ideal temperature (ranging from 10° to 25° C), we will protect your products and preserve their electronic and mechanical components.

3. Food

Proper food storage is critical!  It is not an area to slack in. The conditions must be suitable, particular to each type of food, and upheld to the highest quality standards.

At Starlinks, we offer you multi-temperature storage facilities specifically designed for storing food.

A. Dry:

For “dry” products that have a long shelf-life that need to be stored in low humidity levels. Examples include tea, sugar, and coffee.

B. Ambient:

For processed foods that can be stored safely at room temperature such as processed milk.

C. Chilled:

For foods that need to be refrigerated below 8° C to prevent bacterial growth. Dairy products are an example.

D. Frozen:

For food products that need to be stored at temperatures below -13° C such as ice cream and meat.

4. Apparel and Fashion 

Apparel storage requires careful handling and special care. It is important to ensure that your 3PL has climate-controlled storage facilities and clean warehouses to preserve quality.

At Starlinks we have the necessary expertise and technology to provide the proper environment for storing fashion items through:

A. Dry Warehousing

We maintain dry storage conditions at our warehouses by using dehumidifiers, arranging shelves and pallets in a way that allows optimal control of the airflow, and making sure the warehouse is completely weatherproof to avoid the damaging effects of moisture on your stock.

B. Effective Pest Control 

Pests in a warehouse could damage your company’s entire stock!
At Starlinks, our maintenance staff conducts routine inspections for gaps that need repairing to prevent pests from getting into the building.

We also use monitoring devices to help detect and eliminate pests. We implement a regular cleaning routine to keep your apparel fresh and ready for transportation to retail stores.

5. Electronics

Humidity, excess heat or extremely low temperatures could have a destructive effect on electronic devices, which is why it’s essential to choose a 3PL provider well-equipped to handle those conditions in order to prevent possible damage.

At Starlinks climate-controlled warehouses, we use temperature sensors, air conditioning systems, and dehumidifiers to control the humidity and maintain temperatures at the proper levels for storing electronic products.

6. Sports Equipment

When storing sports equipment, there are a variety of factors that your 3PL partner needs to consider.

For example, most sports equipment nowadays has electronic components in it and is made from a mixture of metal and textile! 

Different materials require dry and well-ventilated storage spaces to avoid condensation, corrosion, and mold.

Starlinks’ warehouses are designed in a way that allows for controlling the airflow between shelves and pallets. Also, our warehouses are completely weatherproof, equipped with HVAC systems that control the temperature levels.

These special considerations are the reason we can always ensure the maintenance of your sports gear in top condition during their storage.

Finally, no matter what type of products you have, it is always important you keep your inventory protected from heat and moisture. With Starlinks’ temperature and humidity control facilities, we can maintain the right conditions in our climate-controlled warehouse, essential to preserve your products’ quality.

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