The Chinese ambassador in Saudi Arabia ( Li Hwa Shen ), the general Chinese consul ( Giaw Leo Cheng ),
the CEO of Ali Zaid Al Quraishi group and Faissal Saleh Al Quraishi ( the CEO of distribution and marketing Co. Ltd.) Attended the Launching event of the international Chinese car (HAVAL) in Riyadh, with the
presence of large number of ocials, businessmen and media professionals in the main exhibition of the
most brilliant trademark all over the Chinese world while there was opening event in other two branches
in Jeddah and Dammam city.
During the trademark Launching event, there were several distinctive surprises as the car appeared
suddenly in front of attendants in a brilliant look with helium balloons surrounding it also the Laser lights
which gave it extremely attractive and great look.
There were several interesting parts during the event also draws on a large number of prizes like expensive watches, bags, and cameras, also there was a draw on HAVAL H2 car, and finally inviting the guests
to the dinner.
The trademark HAVAL follows distribution and marketing cars Co. Ltd. that specialized in manufacturing
the powerful 4X4 cars, also the leading 4X4 cars trademark in the biggest cars’ market all over the world
for the last 14 years, that been sold more than 3 million great and brilliant HAVAL cars which characterized by quality, majes

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