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Innovative Solutions for Logistics: Starlinks’ New Warehouse Collaboration with SSNET- SPAN

Starlinks has just announced an exciting new partnership with SPAN Group, a leading consultant and integrated solution provider for distribution centers and supply chains. The partnership results in the installation of the latest equipment and systems in Starlinks’ new warehouse, with the aim of maximizing its capabilities and increasing efficiency.

As part of the agreement, SSNET- SPAN will install multi-tier mezzanine shelving systems, carton flow bed systems, goods lifts, conveyors, working platforms, and selective pallet racking systems in Starlinks’ new warehouse. The SSNET- SPAN team undertook the project design, conducted extensive data analysis, and applied their engineering expertise to deliver a comprehensive solution that maximizes the utilization of Starlinks’ capacity.

With the new equipment and systems in place, Starlinks will be able to handle a wider range of products, increase storage capacity, and improve order processing times.

Starlinks Logistics is committed to providing the highest quality logistics services to its customers, and the collaboration with SSNET- SPAN is a testament to this commitment. By investing in high quality equipment and systems, Starlinks can offer its customers faster and more efficient solutions.

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