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Lincoln College Field Trip to Starlinks Dammam Warehouse


Lincoln College Field Trip to Starlinks Dammam Warehouse

It was our pleasure to host a field trip for the students of the Warehouse Management Program at Lincoln College at our Dammam Warehouse! The field trip not only allowed the students to get a practical look at a real-life warehouse setting, but it also allowed them to see first-hand how concepts and theories, they are learning in the classroom are put into practice in the real world.

The field trip was open to both current students as well as recent graduates who are seeking on-the-job training. This unique opportunity allowed the young professionals to gain valuable insights and knowledge about the inner workings of a warehouse, as well as make connections and network with industry leaders.

About Dammam Warehouse

 Our Dammam Warehouse is a state-of-the-art muti-temperature storage facility that is used for storing and distributing a wide variety of products. It is equipped with the latest, most advanced technology and systems that always ensure efficient and effective operations.

The Warehouse Tour

The day of the field trip began with a warm welcome from our team at the Dammam Warehouse. The students had the chance to tour the warehouse and see first-hand how it operates. They were able to ask questions to the warehouse staff and learn about the various roles and responsibilities that are involved in running a warehouse.

The students were also given a safety session that covered important warehouse rules and regulations to ensure warehouse safety. They were taught about the proper use of equipment and machinery, as well as how to properly navigate the warehouse to avoid potential hazards. Moreover, the session included information on emergency procedures in case of accidents or incidents. 

The students also had the chance to ask questions and get insights from Gary Blythe, our Managing Director, Hiba El-Mohbi, our Commercial Director, and Essam Almarhoon, our Admin Manager who are highly respected leaders in the logistics field.

The field trip to our Dammam Warehouse was a valuable and meaningful experience for the students of Lincoln College. It gave them a first-hand experience of how warehouse operations are run and maintained in a practical manner.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to host the field trip and hope that it will inspire and motivate the students as they continue their studies and embark on their careers in warehouse management.

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