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Ecommerce fulfilment could be the most challenging, time-consuming, and expensive step in your entire supply chain. Fulfilling orders for remote areas or areas with inferior addressing systems could be very costly and managing failed deliveries and returns are among the many obstacles faced by e-commerce managers.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off (PUDO) solutions help your business avoid these fulfilment challenges that increase your supply chain cost. CONNECT ParcelPoint is a PUDO solution that helps you optimize your fulfillment cost and achieve higher fulfilment efficiency.

Up next, we’ll discuss what’s CONNECT ParcelPoint and how you can leverage its power to deal with these challenges effectively.

What Is CONNECT ParcelPoint?

ParcelPoint is a powerful solution provided by CONNECT to help e-commerce businesses reduce their delivery costs, manage returns, and meet customers’ expectations. By providing a network of extensive pick-up and drop-off points all over the Kingdom at carefully-selected locations, your customers will be able to receive and return shipments easily and smoothly at their nearest location and at their convenient time.

The nearest CONNECT ParcelPoint could be found at a variety of lifestyle venues (pharmacies, malls, and gyms), offering out-of-home delivery, a digital return experience, and cash refund on the spot.

You can experience the power of our CONNECT ParcelPoint solution by seamlessly integrating our technology into your checkout page. Offer your customers a personalized experience that provides them with real-time updates about their parcel’s status through email or SMS.

3 Problems That CONNECT ParcelPoint Solves

As we mentioned above, CONNECT ParcelPoint, as a solution, was crafted specifically to solve e-commerce fulfilment problems. So, let’s dive into each issue separately.

CONNECT ParcelPoint & areas with inferior addressing systems

Customers’ expectations for delivery are on the rise, they prefer same-day delivery providers, which represents a challenge when delivering to remote areas or those with an inferior addressing system.

CONNECT ParcelPoint offers the perfect solution for this. As we mentioned before, our pick-up and drop-off points are in major lifestyle venues (pharmacies, malls, and gyms) all over the Kingdom. Customers that usually struggle with receiving their orders in the areas with inferior addressing systems can easily pick up their shipments at their nearest CONNECT ParcelPoint.

Consequently, CONNECT ParcelPoint will lower the cost of reverse logistics, and the storage cost as well.

CONNECT ParcelPoint & failed deliveries

Failed deliveries happen for many reasons, if the customer is not home, or the address was wrong, undelivered parcels are returned to the warehouse or fulfilment facility, which means a higher cost for you!

Thanks to CONNECT ParcelPoint, there will be no more failed deliveries! Customers could redirect their shipments to the nearest CONNECT ParcelPoint if they aren’t available to receive it, then they can pick it up on their way home or work.

CONNECT ParcelPoint & returns

Returns are unavoidable when you are running an e-commerce business, which is usually challenging due to reverse logistics cost.

CONNECT ParcelPoint offers you smooth returns experience, both for you and your customers. It decreases the need for personnel, couriers, or quality staff to manage returns. Customers can now drop off their returns at the nearest ParcelPoint and even get a refund on the spot. You will certainly notice an improvement in customer satisfaction levels and brand loyalty.

CONNECT ParcelPoint as A Delivery Option for Your Customers

When your fulfilment partner delivers shipments to our CONNECT ParcelPoint, they get stored. Customers are notified when their shipments are available for pick-up, so they can pick them up anytime at the nearest ParcelPoint. Usually, shipments are kept for a week.

We choose lifestyle venues that are open for long hours for added customer convenience!

In case of returning a parcel, your customers can send a return request using our application, and when your staff confirms the return, they head to the nearest parcel point, drop off their shipments, and they can even get a cash refund on the spot.

Finally , it is noted that the rise of delivery demand during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the pressure on online stores and made the concept of PUDO and out-of-home delivery undoubtedly one of the most important solutions in the e-commerce world.

With the out-of-home delivery services provided by Connect ParcelPoint, delivery challenges, returns, and failed deliveries will be easy to handle, which allows you to focus your resources on taking your business to new levels of success!

Find out more about the great benefits that CONNECT is offering and speak to one of our consultants today.