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Have you started preparing for the peak season yet?

Here are six tips to consider for a successful peak season:

1- Optimize your storage capacity:

Start by optimizing your warehouse storage capacity. To do so, you will need to identify the utilized & potential storage capacities:
A- Measure the floor area of the warehouse. 
B- Subtract out non-storage-related spaces like offices & restrooms.
C- Multiply the remaining number by the warehouse height to get the capacity in a cubic foot. That is the warehouse storage capacity.
D- Next, calculate inventory size by adding up the volume of all stored products. (You will need to use your WMS)
E- Divide that sum by the warehouse storage capacity. The result percentage is the utilized space. 
F- The rest is the potential storage capacity.
G- Check if the potential storage capacity will be enough to handle the forecasted increase in stock during the peak. (You will need to examine historical data from your WMS)

If the forecasted demand exceeds the potential storage capacity, check number 6!

2- Ensure there is enough Manpower:

It is not unusual to be short-staffed in a peak season. Plan ahead to have enough warehouse workers, drivers, and customer service staff to meet the expected demand. If you can not recruit temporary staff fast, check number 6!

3- Ensure there are enough functioning vehicles:

It is common to miscalculate the transportation capacity needed against forecasted demand. Start by ensuring that your fleet capacity matches the expected demand. It is also wise to perform a comprehensive check on all vehicles to avoid surprises. If the expected demand exceeds the current capacity, check number 6!

4- Provide a fool-proof returns management system:

Planning deliveries is not the only matter to be considered during the peak. Managing Returns is as important. Instead of incurring costs by managing it the traditional way, with Starlinks, you can get a white-labeled digital portal for your customers to register their returns and receive instant refunds in minutes!

5- Deploy an automated bot for customer service:

After taking care of deliveries and returns, the only thing left is to optimize customer service. By deploying an automated bot, you can rest assured your customers will receive faster responses to their inquiries and complaints.

6- Partner with Starlinks:

If you feel the expected demand will exceed the existing capacity, it might be a good idea to partner with a 3PL. By partnering with Starlinks, you can reserve the capacity you need anywhere in the Kingdom and deliver & return same-day during the peak!

Connect with one of our consultants today, and let’s plan it together!

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